Electrical Services

Fault Finding & Rectification Work

Even the smallest electrical faults can be potentially hazardous if left unattended. Usually, electrical faults will evidence themselves by nuisance tripping, blown fuses or tripping of RCD’s (residual current devices).

We offer a comprehensive range of fault finding and rectification services which can safeguard your home. Once we have identified where the fault lies, we can discuss options on how to rectify the issue uncovered. It is sometimes something as simple as an electrical appliance that may cause the issue.

Our NICEIC qualified electricians have years of experience in this field and be assured if there is a fault to find we will find it.

Replacement Distribution Boards

It may be that you have an old-style fuse box in your property that has rewireable fuses, this does not necessarily mean that it is unsafe. It is more than likely that this would have complied with the regulations that were specified at the time of installation. However, over time our demands have changed along with the regulations. We now have many more electrical appliances such as microwaves, TV’s, ceramic hobs, dual ovens etc and this could cause overloading on an old-style fuse box which could result in fuses blowing. Ultimately this could lead to a failure in provision of power, an electric shock or even a fire.

We are happy to carry out a free assessment of your existing board and provide a quotation for an upgrade if required.

New distribution boards provide more protection as they have RCD protection (residual current device), and this gives the homeowner peace of mind that they have the safest installation possible.

At S H Electrical UK Ltd we are qualified for all types of installation including single phase and three phase for more commercial/industrial type installations.

Lighting & Design

There are lots of things to consider when addressing lighting issues. It may be functional lighting you are looking for whether this be to illuminate an outside area for security purposes or creating a socialising space outside. It could also be that you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom and would like ideas on creative lighting.

The way you light your home or business can dramatically alter the usability of the spaces you have. With huge innovation in recent years in LED lighting this has dramatically altered the options for providing a well-lit space. We are happy to advise on options for lighting that could transform your property.

Testing & Safety Certificates

There are various types of electrical testing and certificates. At S H Electrical UK Ltd we offer a full array of testing and certification services:

Electrical installation conditioning report (EICR) - previously known as a periodic – this report is an in-depth inspection of the electrical installation that provides a detailed report that highlights remedial work required to bring the installation up to a satisfactory condition that complies with the latest regulations. It also highlights improvements that could be made.

This report is required for rental properties and should be carried out every 5 years. It may also be requested by the purchaser’s solicitor if you are selling your home.

We would recommend you commissioning this type of certificate before you purchase a property – that way there will not be any surprises when you move in regarding unexpected expensive repairs to the electrics. It can also be useful as a negotiating tool if there is remedial work required.

Commercial & business testing - An EICR of the electrical installation is also a legal and insurance requirement for business, in most cases a test should be carried out every 5 years. However, there are some businesses that should be tested more frequently – for example places of public entertainment, agricultural properties, churches, caravan parks, marinas, and swimming pools.

Electrical certification for new installations, alterations or additions – electrical installation certificates and minor works certificates provide the property or business owner with a declaration that the new installation, alteration or addition is safe to use at the time it was put into service. These certificates should be kept in a safe place as it proves that the work has been carried out to a satisfactory standard of safety. For domestic properties this work should also be registered with building control. As we are registered with the NICEIC this provides added protection and the assurances that we are regularly audited and checked to ensure we are complying with the regulations and safe working practices.

Emergency lighting – emergency lighting is lighting that kicks in when there is a mains supply failure. Having emergency lighting installed is a health and safety measure that ensures continued on-site safety to protect the occupants of a building. Under current regulations businesses must install emergency lighting in their premises by law. In most cases emergency lighting requires batteries to provide illumination, therefore, it is vital that regular checks are carried out on the emergency lighting to ensure they are operational in preparation for a time when they would be required. A monthly test should be carried out by a responsible person, this would just need to be a ‘flick’ test to ensure that emergency lights switch on as they should.

An annual test should be carried out that would ensure that when demand is called for the emergency lights due to a power failure the emergency lights stay on for the required duration, any that do not will require either replacement batteries or replacement light fittings.

Fire Alarms – current UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises should have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’. This basically means that if there is an outbreak of fire it can easily be detected, and occupants can be easily warned. In most cases a fire alarm system is unlikely to be required and standard smoke detection and fire drill measures would be sufficient.

However, in some cases a fire alarm system would be required. If you have a fire alarm system, the legal requirement is for it to be ‘adequately maintained’. It is recommended that a fire alarm system is inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months to ensure all components are working as they should. They also recommend a weekly test to ensure sounders are operational.

PAT testing – portable appliance testing (PAT) is a term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Most electrical defects can be discovered with a visual inspection, but some can only be found by testing. The law does not state that PAT testing is compulsory or how often it should be carried out. However, it does state that an employer is required to ensure electrical equipment is maintained to prevent danger, and regular PAT testing would be one way of assisting with this.

It is also recommended that if a landlord lets a property furnished, carrying out PAT testing on the appliances provided in the property helps uphold their duty of care.

Extensions & Refurbishments

It is becoming more popular to extend or refurbish your existing property as an alternative to moving. It can at times feel daunting if you have little or no knowledge of scheduling or order of works required. We will happily be involved in your project from early planning and conception stage right through to sign off, to offer suggestions, ideas and advice if required. We will also ensure you have the required certificates and paperwork at the end of the project to satisfy any building control requirements.


There are a number of reasons why a property may need rewired:

The installation is old and showing signs deterioration.

The existing installation may not meet the demands of the way we currently live. Maybe there are not enough sockets or there is not enough provision for the appliances we would like to use.

It could be that the current installation has poor workmanship, incorrect cable sizes. Lots of additions that may have been added over time. No back boxes behind sockets and switches. No earthing to the lights.

It may have been that the property has had a new distribution board installed to comply with the current regulations but the original wiring dates back to the 1970’s or earlier.

We would be happy to carry out a visual assessment of your existing electrical installation and advise on whether a rewire is required or whether only remedial work would be required to bring the installation up to the required standard.

New Builds & Conversions

We totally understand that no two projects are the same and are happy to liaise with you or your project team from planning right through to implementation. It may be that you have drawings or plans in place or that you are at the very early stages in your project and are seeking advice on scheduling or project management. We have completed the electrical work on all size and scales of project from full housing development sites to bespoke one off conversations. As holders of Safe Contractor accreditation we are also able to provide the required health and safety assurances required for registered house builders.

CCTV Installations

The installation of CCTV (close circuit television) acts as a deterrent to any potential intruder. CCTV helps to protect your property, as well as providing a sense of safety to the people inside the property.

Whether you have a commercial, industrial, or domestic property, we can provide and install a tailored CCTV system to help put your mind at ease. We can offer advice as to what the best installation would be to make sure your property is as well protected as possible. We can also assist in making the system user friendly by the installation of monitoring equipment and installation of apps on mobile devices.

TV Aerials & Satellites

Our aerial and satellite installers have a wealth of experience that covers everything from the installation of a new loft or chimney aerial or installation of satellite dish right through to installation of additional TV points or mounting a TV on the wall.

If you are experiencing issues with your existing system, it may be possible to carry out a repair that would correct the problems you are encountering. This may be something as simple as realigning a satellite dish, retuning your TV, or replacing a section of water damaged aerial cable.

Voice & Data Cabling

We are living in the digital age where we are relying more and more on networking infrastructures. Also, with the increase in homeworking this may also be a consideration for not only your business premises but also your home. Although we have ever developing wireless technologies, it is often prudent to also look at cabled solutions. We can assist with Cat5e and Cat6e cabling. If you decide to pursue the wireless option, we can also assist with the installation of wireless boosting technology to maximise the connectivity.

Solar PV

With the increasing costs of energy and fuel affecting everyone, now is the time to look at alternative methods of generating power. Solar PV systems capture the energy from the sun and then convert this energy to power, providing a more energy efficient form of electricity. As solar photovoltaic installers, registered with MCS we can offer advice on what the best options would be for you with regard to your energy usage, style of building or available tariffs for exporting back into the national grid.

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